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News Corner

QuantiLAB moves to it’s new facilities in the Bio Park, Socota Phoenicia

By Leigh-anne Mc Intyre on 4/13/2015

QuantiLAB moved to its new, state-of-the-art facility in the Socota Phoenicia Complex in Phoenix on the 18th July 2014.

This modern laboratory complex of 720m2 consists of impressive high ceiling Chemistry derpartment, a highly-controlled Microbiology department.

In the words of the Managing Director, Mr Bertrand Baudot, “Quantilab has big dreams.” The increased space and facilities allow quantilab to work towards diversification of their services with the introduction of two new departments, namely Microbiology and Inorganic Chemistry.

Quantilab has big dreams

The Organic Chemistry Section is headed by Mr Prakash Amar Gokhool who has over 10 years experience in his field and the Microbiology department falls under the management of Mrs Leigh-Anne McIntyre.

The building was consigned by Socota Phoenicia and designed by Eric Chavoix architects  to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Large bay windows and sun-lights allow the laboratory to make use of natural light in most of its administrative areas, thereby reducing the need for electricity. The complex has solar panels fixed on the roof in order to further reduce the burden on the national electrical grid and the mezzanine levels have been contructed from natural wood.

The new complex is truly inspiring and the Quantilab team hopes to welcome all its existing and future clients in order to share this milestone in its development.


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